How Vital Is Your Sleep?

Vital-is-SleepSleep is an essential part of our everyday lives. You have no doubt seen the people who do not get a good night’s rest. They are the ones with the dark circles under their eyes or they are wandering around almost zombie-like. They are the ones who don’t eat very well and are maybe a bit snippier than you’d like to deal with on a daily basis. There are a variety of reasons why people can suffer from terrible sleep; if they have children they might be getting interrupted during the night, if they have an old mattress it might need replacing, if they have a lot of stress it can cause them to wake during the night or not be able to get comfortable, and they might snore or sleep with someone who does.

Living with snoring, whether you’re the one who does the snoring or not, is a difficult challenge. People don’t snore because they want to and there are several lifestyle issues that surround why they may snore. Maybe they are stressed out, they drink or smoke heavily before they go to bed, they are overweight, or maybe they need to take sedatives just to get any kind of sleep. People who snore can have their sleep interrupted by their partner jabbing them ever-so-sharply in the ribs or even the snoring sound they make. People who live with snorers generally have a difficult time falling to sleep if the snorer goes first and earplugs can only do so much.

There is hope out there, however. There are a multitude of products on the market that are designed to combat the snoring issue. There are nasal strips, chin straps, wrist-devices, and anti-snoring mouthpieces. Many people choose to use the mouthpiece option as it helps deal with the snoring at the source.

Stop snoring mouthpieces like the ones at this site work by either forcing your lower jaw out and allowing additional air into the airways or by holding the tongue in place Read the rest of this entry »


Living Longer Tips: Are You Using Them?

lltWow, would I love to inherit my 93-year-old Nana’s longevity. This pistol in pantyhose still has her own Manhattan apartment and only recently retired from her bookkeeping career. She surfs the Internet, plays bridge regularly with her gal pals, and can tick off the birth date of everyone in our clan, right down to the youngest great-grandchild. There’s just one hitch, my husband reminds me: Nana is on his side of the family.

Point taken. But experts now say that I might actually have more to gain by following Nana’s example than I would if I shared her bloodline. In fact, an explosion of research has found that how you approach life and the choices you make play major roles in how long and well you’ll live. Here’s what experts on aging say you can do to stay young at heart for a long time to come. Read the rest of this entry »


Let’s Talk Anti-Aging for Women

ltaafwChances are good that if you own an antiaging cream, it’s for your face. We’re so focused on our reflection that we forget there’s other territory affected by time: the skin below our necks. While this thought may depress you (“Oh, great, now I’ve got to start looking for wrinkles on my back!”), it’s meant to be encouraging. “The skin on the body is so neglected that just by regularly using something–anything–you can make a visible difference,” says Nicholas Perricone, M.D., assistant professor of clinical dermatology at Yale University.

Products for the body are more effective than ever, because skin-care companies–including Estee Lauder, Jergens, Lubriderm, Neutrogena, and Olay–are tweaking formulas used in facial products to target thicker-skinned, less-sensitive areas. That often involves increasing concentrations of active antiaging ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, and retinol. So read on to find out how to get younger-looking skin–without having to join a gym or police what you put in your mouth! Read the rest of this entry »