Easy Steps For How To Set Up A Blog

esohtsubYou want to start your own blog since everyone’s doing it but you’re wondering how to set up a blog. Before making your own blog, you have to be sure of what you want to write. Knowing what to write about is essential to owning your blog. If you know what to write about, you won’t have trouble thinking of what to write about. If you want to make your own blog, you have two options to choose from. You can either make blogs from websites that offer it free or from websites that require you to pay.

Many websites offer cheap blog hosting; usually they don’t cost more than $10 a year. It’s affordable to keep your own blog running if you decide to host on a website that requires you to pay. Also, you have to be sure that you can take care of your blog, writing every day or at least most of the time …


Out-Competing The Competition – The RIGHT Way

Most businesses have failed to learn from all the other competitive disciplines before them. You fight one competitor at a time, and you develop a strategy that beats competitors one at a time. There is no competition – there are only competitors.

I tried to understand why so many businesses fail to build competitor-specific strategies. I believe this is based on three reasons. First is the real lack of strategy at the brand level. I believe that while strategy is widely employed in plotting the future of the firm in terms of what businesses to buy, what countries to enter or what resources to own, little strategic attention is given to how one brand will beat another brand in the market.

If strategy is the way a brand endeavors to differentiate Read the rest of this entry »


Let’s Get Exclusive!

A key to understanding the power of exclusivity can be found in a statement by database marketing consultant Fred Newell in Discount Merchandiser (September 1998), “Marketers must learn to understand customers and customers’ perceptions of value.”

Collectors are willing to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 annually to “join a club” (i.e. put their names in a database), because they get something with a very high perceived value. This usually includes an exclusive “gift” – a doll, bear, or other collectible item that nonmembers can’t get – as well as newsletters, membership cards, buttons, posters, catalogs, the opportunity to purchase special “club edition” pieces, hats, T-shirts, or jewelry, and to attend special club events. These are all items and benefits that don’t cost the marketer a lot, but have a high value to the collector.

Many of the clubs benefit retailers by requiring members to redeem certificates for the club edition pieces at a retail store. This not only gives the retailer a cut of the selling price, but also brings highly qualified buyers into the store, where they will Read the rest of this entry »